Mar 11, 2012

Giveaway results

Thanks for all the positive response on the giveaway, it means a lot to me!

Now for the result...I wrote the names of the ten participants on pieces of paper, double folded them, then put them in a wooden jar (my father made it btw :) ) and shook it for some time.
My boyfriend took the prints in his hands so that I could blindly pick one every time I took a piece of paper from the jar.

And here are the lucky ones:

Roy Ben Hans NanjaMaria
Congratulations winners, you'll soon receive the print and another one of the creature some later..I'll contact you if I haven't got your address!
I'm sorry for those who didn't win, but I want you to know that I really found it fun that you guys participated, thank you very much for sharing, I really appreciate it! And hopefully you'll enjoy the blog or any of my other online places, see you again...and enjoy spring!