Mar 4, 2012

Five hatching eggs: giveaway!

You know, when I paint eggs at easter I always wonder: what kind of creature would hatch from this egg? So I gave myself a challenge: I'm going to draw some eggs, all with different colors and features. After doing so, I'll draw the baby creatures that will come out of those particular eggs...probably around easter (or even later; I mean, different creatures hatch at different times right)!

As you can see I have five (A5 size, 300 grams) prints of the eggs. You can win one of them (I'll choose it at random) and I'll send you the print within a few weeks.. But... if you win one, you will also receive a print of the baby creature :) ...I'll let it be a surprise when it will arrive and what it will look like, but you'll receive it before anyone else can see it on the internet!

To participate you can choose to do one of the following:

- follow my blog with 'Google friend connect' (you know: the big button on the left that says 'join this site')
- retweet my twitter post about this giveaway, or just retweet this post with the share-button below.
- reblog my post on Tumblr about this giveaway
- share it on Facebook, (can do that on your facebook page or with the share-button below)

And in order to keep track of people who are joining the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post with your (nick)name (and yes, you can only join once).
The giveaway will run until Saturday, March 10, I'll pick five winners at random and announce them here on my blog Sunday, the 11th of keep an eye out....and enjoy ^_^ !


  1. joined through gfc and reblogged in tumblr (as sunnygreentemptaion) :) thank you for opportuity to participate :) ups -ok i dod two things, but you can surely count as one :)

    /my email -

  2. Hi Petra, cool idea! don't use Tumblr or Twitter but shared on FB instead :)

    1. ha, thanks Robert! I think I'll include that now in the participation-options, seems a bit easier and so you'll have a chance of winning too ;)!

  3. Hihi! Cool, I'm in ^^

    -Iris (Somehow it won't display the name I set? O_o...)

  4. Retweeted as MuffinsForSynfy on twitter! :D

    1. That's nice but this giveaway was from last year, sorry ^^;