Mar 18, 2012

A look into the process

Some weeks ago I finished an illustration I made for the background of the Hire an Illustrator website.
In December they asked if some of 'their' illustrators wanted to create a seasonal background and I decided to contribute. However, it is not up yet, they've been planning to do some sort of rotational background later this year. I'll keep you updated about that.

Well, I decided to keep a record of the progress of this illustration. Often have I seen it on DeviantArt and blogs and I always find it very useful and just fun to see and learn. I don't know if others think the same, but I just gave it a try. So here it is (it might take a while to load since I put it all in one image):

And this is the final version (the real thing is a bit larger though):

I'd love to see more process-showing things by others, but it's also taking a lot of time so I understand why it's not thát common to do. However, when I was creating the whole process image I discovered that it's actually a good way to learn and I might do it more often in the future, if I get the chance.