Jan 27, 2014

Moving Blogs: I'm somewhere else

Today I was about to redesign my website but in the end, I actually kinda liked my own design better than the wordpress designs I found on the web. Sometimes I have an old-fashioned kind of style and I like it better when it looks like I made it. Anyway I was also thinking of starting a new blog on the wordpress-website-to-be, but in the end it all costs a lot of effort to keep too many blogs. I've blogging on Tumblr for almost 3 years now and I like it there. It's more personal but that also makes my blog a more 'honest' place and that's okay. So
from now on I won't be blogging here anymore.
You can find me blogging at

Thanks for following me at blogger anyway :).

Fanart Friday

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all my blogs (haha maybe I have too many).
Anyway, for those people still reading here (not that I know who you are..), I've made some fanart the last weeks, I thought I'd share 'm here as well:

This one is from Frozen, the latest Disney movie:

And this one from Wreck-it-Ralph

I like making fanart because it's fun to do but it also is still making art ^^.
Both movies are copyrighted by Disney of course. Did you see the movies and did you like them? Do you think creating fanart is appropriate as a professional illustrator?

Dec 11, 2013

Newsletter #6: Fall/Winter 2013 is out now!

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Vote for my fabric design!

I've joined the spoonflower fabric design contest. It's a weekly contest so I think there are still two days left to vote. This time the theme was 'ugly christmas sweaters'. Sounds fun right? Right!
Voting is simple, just click this link: www.spoonflower.com/contest_voters_temp/new?contest_id=225
, vote for your favourtie fabric and click submit. My fabric design appears randomly on the page, so you have to look for 'berkumpje' and for this picture :

It would be really awesome if you could vote for me :) thanks anyway!

Nov 26, 2013

30-day challenge!

Oh hey all!
I totally sometimes forget about this blog because I have tumblr and it's easier to be more active there. Also, friends and family seem to be on facebook a lot so I don't see a big reason to blog on my 'real' blog anymore.
However, for all those people still reading this and are not on the other platforms: I'm doing a 30-day drawing/art challenge! I'm on Day 6 now so I have made six 'random' pieces of illustraiton/art/whatever. And I want to keep doing that everyday until 21 december. Yup! I want to get my creative spunk going and decided it was a good idea. And it was because I really like doing it ^^! So check it out on my tumblr!

Nov 3, 2013


It's been a month now since I stopped working at my parttime job and moved to Groningen. It took a while to get used to being at home and not working most of the time. I have been busy with illustrations/designs of course, but less than before. I've got lots of time on my hand now...so hello there, I'm available for paid freelance work again!
I decided to proceed with my illustrating business because, well because I still like drawing and painting and illustrating things but I'm not going to take on every job from now on and I've got to be sure that it really is what I want to do.

My last job was designing a logo for 'De Lichtdichter' a photographers duo that uses unconventional material to print their photos on. They still knew me from the art-tent at the Elf Fantasy Fair in 2012. I was happy that they really liked my painted look to design the logo with and I'm very happy with the result!

Next to that I've been looking for a job but it's pretty hard to find in the North of the Netherlands. I was kind-of offered a job in Amsterdam but I turned it down because: Amsterdam (and they weren't willing to compensate for travelling costs)...and I just moved here. It's too bad there is not so much illustration/design/game stuff going on around Groningen (that I know of) though Nick has been getting more connections lately because of his job as a game design teacher and it's been fun thinking about working on game art again, so hopefully something will come up. I miss being creative with other people...in real life I mean. I need that personal level of communication in my work if I want to stay happy. To do that I need to meet more people, so I guess that's my next step.