Apr 11, 2011

Cute creepy crawlers

For my second exam project I wanted to do something fun but I know this is not something of high intelligence or anything. I want(ed) to make creepy insects, spiders and other little creatures look cute. This is probably done a thousand times (although most of the images I can find are only bees or ladybugs) but I don't really care. I like them cute and it's fascinating how people respond to it.
What I exactly am going to do is yet undecided, but I've tried some things.

I've drawn several of these, small on A3 paper and wanted to try to put some happy-color in it :)

And then my main supervising teacher said: why not try to make a bigger version of that paper, with some hundred of these little guys. And thus I bought this big paper this morning and pinned it to my wall. Don't know what the landlord thinks of it but those are just simple pins. I hope you don't see them after removing it. Or else I will hang some new paper over it when I leave here.

These are some photos of the sketches on that paper. I captured a video with my webcam while working on it, hopefully going to be a cool progress-movie afterwards.

And maybe I can make some plush or cute much-bigger-than-life versions of it. Or maybe a flash game of some sorts? Or maybe a 3D landscape to play around with.
Artistic? I don't know. But since this is my second project (why do we have to have two exam projects anyway??) I think I can pull this off :P.
(and yes this reminds you of pokemon with a reason ;) )

EDIT: here's the video of the sketching the big poster thing.