Mar 21, 2011

Exam project sketches

I'm busy with my exam project this last semester.
It's pretty hard, even if we have a lot of time.
It might just be because we have so much time...for research. It never seems to end.
My supervisors recommended to try think visually, and try drawing out ideas.

What I want to do is illustrate (in whatever medium, might even be animation) the life of the universe, from the very beginning to the very end (well for as far as we know it will happen). I thought of ways how to visualize that. One of the reasons that I'm interested in doing this is because I think there is a gap between science and art, not talking medium wise but in the visual department. I mean, look at illustrations about the Big Bang, it's all pretty..boring. It has not much of a feeling/emotion to it, while I think the subject itself is very interesting and beautiful and does emote me. It's because it is made for and by science. But science is not boring, so why would they create boring illustrations?
That's why I want to make something that has a scientific background but has an artistic approach and gets people wondering about it.

Last week I thought of putting the universe in the form of a person or creature, something that looks human and has a birth and a death. Here are the sketches I made while I was thinking of this.

My supervisors were pretty much approving of it and that made me happy, so I'm making an extended but more schematic storyboard. I have the idea to make an animation, that would be cool, but of course I have to be open for other mediums too, since I don't have to decide it for now.

I have to keep an eye on that I try to make the story of our universe look a bit more exciting. But the universe and science give us a lot of material, I mean...the big bang, the creation of the elements, the birth of stars, the birth of our solar system, gravity, black holes and some possible dramatic endings :). I can't wait to make something awesome!