Apr 24, 2011

About PaintTool SAI

I wanted to write for a while about my favourite drawing application. It's Easy PaintTool SAI!
Originally it's a Japanese developed program by Systemax which is translated to English for a reason. It is very easy to use but it can do very awesome things. It doesn't have all the function of Photoshop or Painter, but it has almost all the tools I need. It's like Photoshop 'light'.

Some awesome functions:
- Different kinds of brushes. They look very paint-like, even more than Painter or Photoshop do if you ask me. You can adjust the amount of blending, dilution, persistance and ofcourse density/opacity. But next to it you can also adjust the shape of the brush and the texture of it. change it ALL at the same time.
- You can adjust the softness of the brush very easily, you don't need to make a new brush or use 'airbrush' for it, you can use it for almost EVERY brush. This tool makes it easy to create realistic images because normally the softness of lines differ a lot. There's no need to save it because it uses your last used adjustments. But you can still save your brushes too.
- You can rotate your drawings very easy with a click-and-drag system. Not only by inputting a number of grade or a button. And can also switch back to normal mode with one click! AND there is a mirror function in one click.
- There exists a function to stabilize your lines to a very high level. It is similar to the one in Flash, but there are more levels to choose from, so you have more freedom. It gives you the possibility to make very smooth lines.
- Interface: gives you ofcourse the possibility to switch functions.
I use the colorwheel and HSV (hue saturation value) slide, but there are also the Swatches, scratchpad,RGB slider and colormixer option.
- History goes back like forever, I don't have to be afraid I can't undo something anymore. The shortcuts for it are very easy too, and you can change them anytime.
-Copy from clipboard function, opens your printscreened picture in one click.

Besides that there are the normal functions like layers, pen-tool, blending modes, hue/saturation/brightness/contrast modes, transform, and others. Also can save it as sai/psd/jpeg/png/bmp and such.
Things it doesn't have: more blending modes, effects and filters Photoshop has.
But it's all packaged in LESS than 5 MB and it costs only 45 Euro's.
Unbelievable huh!?

That's why it's my favourite tool. Want to try it? GO HERE and download a trial. You can buy it here.