Jul 23, 2013

Weekend to Brussels

Hello all! I've been so busy with other stuff, work and arranging things for the wedding that I haven't had the time to write a blog post. So I decided I wanted to draw/doodle/sketch and write a short report of our 'honeymoon', which was a weekend trip to Brussels. Here it is. Sorry, yes it's in Dutch :p I'll try to explain it in English afterwards.




Basically, Brussels is a nice city. We didn't know if we should speak English or Dutch instead of French. It's pretty expensive as well (but mostly the drinks). Also, be patient with the waiters...in most places they were kinda slow and not so observant, sometimes we had to shout multiple times to get their attention. We didn't bring chocolate because it was super hot outside and we were afraid it would melt, but otherwise I think I would've bought a lot of it. The Comic Strip museum wasn't that interesting unfortunately, but I had lots of fun just shopping around in the main street (near Munt). If you're there in the summer, try to look up if Mini-Europe (in Bru-park near the Atomium), still has the firework show on Saturday night, it's worthwhile!
Also, if you like anime or manga, they have two anime/manga stores in Brussels (Dong Co and Super Dragon Toys) and several comic book stores where they sell (French) manga but also have merchandise (but mainly from One Piece :/ ).