Apr 23, 2013

My first Dutch picture book...illustrated by me!

So, this isn't any real news, that I worked on Boom en Kraai some months ago and I also shared photos of the launch and signing session last weekend, but of course a bit more in-depth article on my blog is always nice and here it is!

The printed illustrations have a bit more contrast than on my computer screen, but it still turned out very beautiful, bright and really just like any other picture book of high quality. The weight and size of the pages and the book is also just what I like. This is thanks to the author Susanne self, in cooperation with the printer I guess.

Some pictures:

The launch was a small gathering at a really beautiful location (very fitting to the book itself) and it was really special, signing all the books, receiving compliments and seeing people enjoy reading the book. Definitely also very cool to meet the author in real life and give her a big hug!

I'm very happy that I was part of all of this and I'm looking forward to illustrating books like this many more times (which will hopefully happen)!