Jul 12, 2011


I'm a Bachelor of Design now :D ! Last weeks were stressfull but it paid off and I graduated.
Here some pictures of the graduation and the exam show:

And this is a photo from today's newspaper, with me and my mom's arm in it. Unfortunately not next to my own work, but oh well. The caption says that the show is already well visited and popular this year, probably because of the 'new' location (which is the old Groninger museum / nature museum. (the photo of the newspaper was made by my classmate Rommie)

After graduation I will work as an illustrator and I'm looking forward to it, but I probably won't have that much jobs to work fulltime on it and will need to find a parttime job beside it.
But first I'll move to a new house, together with my boyfriend. And I already have three illustration jobs for this summer so after the exam show I'm busy with drawing, yay!