Jun 12, 2011


At the moment I'm still busy with the last things for my exam which I have gotten the 'green light' for so I'm definitely going to take the exam and I'll be graduating in 4 weeks.
The exam exhibition is from 9-14 july at the new department of the academy at Praediniussingel 59, Groningen. Feel free to visit, I'll probably be around the whole week :)!

But yesterday I got a new illustration job, again for making some drawings of animals doing things in several ways. It's for a research of the linguistic department of the university of Groningen, together with Jacolien van Rij and Prof. Petra Hendriks (of Semantics and Cognition).
These illustrations are fun to do even when it's not something commercial. Especially when you don't know the sentences that belong to it (these illustrations are presented to children with these sentences that tell what is happening in the drawing).
Here are some examples:

© Petra van Berkum


  1. I like the turtle painting the tiger. A turtle would be a very slow painter. The tiger must have a lot of patience.

  2. hahah yeah that's right ^^ thanks!