Oct 1, 2013

New 2d game art & a new home

I'm working together with Binary Pulsar Studios to develop a game and I made some isometric 2D art (buildings) for them I uploaded some weeks ago to my portfolio/website. I really like the result and it was fun to do so I thought I'd share it on my blog as well!

Talking about buildings, we moved back to Groningen and live in a new apartment now. It's pretty nice...close to the city and close to family and friends. And I have my own work space now (a room of my 'own'), woohoo!
Let's see if it helps me finding a better way to work as an illustrator/designer. I still haven't fully 'picked up the pencil' yet, since I also need a new side job as well. I'm taking my time to get some rest and time to think, although some people already have asked me for some commissions and I also signed up for a course that has nothing to do with graphic design at all :) .