Feb 12, 2013


Hello all!

I'm a busy bee at the moment, I'm working on a picture book and am just over the half of the Chris Oatley Academy Painting Drama course. Which is amazing by the way, it gave me a lot of insights that are so obvious when you know. But you need to know and not a lot of resources on the internet or in magazines give you the reasons why certain things work in art and illustration. So it's already worth it :)!

A tip of the iceberg that is the homework for the Painting Drama course.

Next to that I've done some secret things that I can't really tell you yet about. Or maybe I can a little bit.
At the moment I'm writing (a short book, or a very long article, I don't know yet) about being a freelancer whilst having a part time job next to it. There are so many reasons why I'm writing it, but it's mostly because it is exactly what I am doing and I thought it was time somebody should write about it. There are SO many resources, articles and blogs out there about freelancing and succeeding in it, but nobody every really tells about how to handle that while you're having a part time job next to it. And I have firsthand experiences with it that I think could be very useful for a lot of 'starters' out there. I don't have any clue when the book is going to be finished though.

Some weeks ago I did some character sketches for the visual novel-game by Tim Bruls / GameFoqus called S.P.O.O.N., which is a story about futuristic cooking! Honestly a very original subject in my opinion.
You can read more about it (or play the first version of the game) here.
The idea is to make a more polished version of it later on, I'll keep you posted about that!

First character sketches for S.P.O.O.N.

And last but not least: I've updated my website a bit, I changed the sketch-section into an editorial section, since it's more relevant and recently I've been creating more illustrations for magazines and booklets as well!
Next to that it was time for a change of the concept art page, because it needed a better arrangement of subjects, which is hopefully a lot clearer now. Some new things I made for GameFoqus projects were added and I hope that I can add more concept art sketch work to it after I finished the Painting Drama course, already looking forward to it!