Nov 26, 2012

Free worldwide shipping today on prints and gifts!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to inform you about the fact that my prints, cards and other gifts that you can buy via my DeviantArt shop and via Society6, has worldwide FREE SHIPPING today. That means, on top of the already-not-that-expensive price, you don't have to pay for the extra shipping costs. Yay!

Look, what a cute card to send someone for christmas! ;)

Now is the right time to buy some fresh christmas cards or nice gifts for your family, friends or for yourself and do some pre-christmas shopping.

At DeviantArt: When you've clicked on an artwork you like, a selection of products will apear on the right side of the screen, feel free to browse through it. Especially the selection of gifts, like mugs or puzzles will make a really nice present for someone!

And at Society6, they've also added throw pillows to their line of printing media. So you now can also buy some pillows with my work on them, how cool is that?

This pillow will look perfect in a colourful- or kids room!

So spread the word and take your chances, the free shipping is only today, because it's cyber-monday.