Oct 21, 2012

Martins Castle

Today I finished a sketch that I made some weeks ago. First I wanted to make this something like a haunted castle, but I wanted to give it a bit of a Dutch twist. See the children there, they are walking with lanterns. This is a Dutch tradition (well at least in some part of the Netherlands) called Sint Maarten (Saint Martin). It's a bit like halloween, but kids don't dress up... they create their own lantern (or buy one) and walk around in their neighbourhood, ringing doorbells, singing songs and then you're supposed to give them candy.

In the neighbourhood that I grew up in, a bit on the countryside, the distance between houses can become quite large so the only thing guiding you in the dark is your lantern and the lights of the houses, it can be quite scary but also very fun! I imagined these kids in the illustration to have the same kind of experience. Next to that: I just love the warmth of light out of the windows on a dark and cloudy autumn eve. Enjoy!

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