Jun 20, 2012

This llama really likes licking lollies

A short while ago I was contacted by Stichting Culturele Droomwevers (Cultural Foundation Dreamweavers)  and asked if I could help them out and create an illustration for their upcoming book about colors and tongue twisters (written by Henry Muldrow and arranged by Maestraccio).  I could choose my own tongue twister theme (from a given list) which is twisted with a color. The one I choose says:

"Lou Llama likes licking lovely lemon lime lollies."

This llama really is crazy about these lollies, I wonder if all llama's like them that much...
Since the tongue twisters are all about the colors and fun, I really enjoyed (digitally) painting this one!
But, with all things printed, it takes a while before the book will be finished, I can't wait!