Apr 14, 2012

Stuff from last month

I might have forgotten the name of this blog, which is a sketchblog... so here are some things I made last month(s) that I didn't yet show here :).

These were some sketches that I've uploaded on twitter. Nothing really special, the second one is something I worked out for the Elf Fantasy Fair next week. All these pictures were made with an iPhone...I need to get a new camera.


These cute things I made as a warm up drawing or just for fun. I had some busy weeks and then somehow when I finally have some free time I still end up drawing...

and I think I didn't upload this process-animation-gif here already. (if you didn't see it, please refresh the page) I made this for a fabric as an eye-catcher for my little booth at the Elf Fantasy Fair. I wanted to keep it a secret, but the fabric got here thursday and it's really awesome, I'll make sure to make some pictures of it next week!