Feb 13, 2012

Tips 'n Topics

Inspired by the online precense of some illustrators, I wanted to start to blog about 'being an illustrator' and how that works. This is because, first, it's something I do want to talk about because, well, I'm an illustrator and I find it interesting to think about. Also because I don't know many people I can talk about it with and I'd love to do that more often. Second because I want to share things I find interesting and useful as a young illustrator that just started.

I thought of  starting a new blog, but I know how hard it is to get that audience, which I already do have here on my normal blog (though it's not a big number..). I thought I could maybe start a blog-in-a-blog on a new page, but apparently a new page here on Blogger just means only one posts instead of a new page with a new blog.

So instead I'm going to post these 'Tips 'n Topics' posts under a label, which will hopefully show up as a link on the top of the sidebar. I hope that I can share things and help others with this!

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