Aug 19, 2011

Birth announcement card

A couple of months ago I was asked to make an illustration for a birth announcement card.
I thought it was really cool because they wanted to name the babyboy after Jason from Jason and the Argonauts, but with a Dutch 'twist': and extra a in between.
Anyway, they asked for a scene where a boyish child version of Jason would be fighting the dragon to get the golden fleece. The dragon is actually more of a big snake (or serpent?) in the original story. I put his ship, the Argo, in the background too and I honestly like that part of the illustration a lot, but I guess I have a weakness for landscapes of any kind.

Anyway, I was really happy to see the card in our mailbox today. Though the printed illustration is (unfortunately) more saturated than the original, it still looks great I think. I also don't see many people printing a special design instead of something standard from a press/printing company and I really enjoyed to do this and was glad to create something special for them!

This is the result:


  1. I love that. It has a real nice storybook feel and unusual composition. Very cool!