Jan 10, 2011

Shadow story

To honor the purpose of this blog, here are some more sketches!
I'm busy with my last project for the internship with Coen Hamelink.
I wanted to do a comic, but it ended up being a sequence, maybe for a picture-book or something alike. The technique I will use is probably a simple one. Simple pencilwork fits here I think :)

I'm still not sure about the 'story' part though. I'm not good at making up stories and the thought of a shadow coming alive as a friend..it appeals to me, but working out the story doesn't really help being that mysterious I want it to be. I think stories have to be very strong if you want it to speak through an image-sequence without words.

From left to right.

here's a finished product. It was my first time really making something with charcoal.