Mar 5, 2010


I'm busy with schoolassignments. This semester we have a lot of free projects where you can choose the subject yourself. A good thing I guess. For Hans I do a research about the combinations of music and colors. We also need to keep a blog with drawings about special things from our street, you can see it here. For Cyprian I'm going to illustrate a Dutch folklore story, it's about a new death-angel who accidentally kills the person instead of just picking her up. I've made several sketches for this.This is the order in which I made them. Actually I like the storyboard and the last sketches more than the middle colored one. My sketches are most of the time better than the finished product and I really want to try to keep that, but it's difficult. I've got to try more ways to see if I can keep the strength in the finished drawings, I really hope so!

Besides that, here are some other things:

I really look out to spring and summer.. we really had too much snow (even now it's snowing over here..)