Oct 3, 2009

A difficult question

Last weeks assignment for our illustration class was a rather difficult one. Our teacher asked us what we are in our drawing and what we want later. Now, I could describe it in words, but to envision it on 'paper' is a different thing to do. I thought a lot about it. You know, since I begin drawing more seriously I thought why I wanted to draw anyway. Well.. it may be a silly answer but I just like the beauty of our nature. Nature inspires me a lot and I want to show it to the rest of the world. And rather than just taking pictures, my drawing gives a more personal touch to this. But not all my art is about nature. I also try to draw certain feelings and emotions we encounter in this life. Ofcourse this will always be more things I myself experienced than other things, but I do try to imagine how it would be to do different things, live in a different world than I do. But because I'm not a very outgoing person I don't really know how other people 'feel'. These past months I've been busy with my social-life and met a bunch of new people who, I think, have all a different perspective on life. I just LOVE to know how people feel and think about things..I think that the differences between eachother also makes this world a rich one because we can learn so much.... I wish I could experience all of it and make a piece of art of each feeling...

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